About us

eyePower Limited manufactures extremely reliable and sophisticated electrical power distribution units. The company relies on the skills of two experienced engineers, Simon Quill and Chris Sims, who have worked together on intelligent power distribution since the 1990s.

Both Simon and Chris spent many years installing technical projects for high profile customers and appreciate the need for quality products with good manufacturer support. They are also aware that power distribution is capable of disabling multiple items of equipment. Units are designed for continuous service over a 10 to 20 year life.

Between 1994 and 2020, Simon held the senior technical role at Bryant Unlimited. Chris has worked as a consultant since leaving the BBC in 1994 and designed Bryant’s various generations of intelligent distribution.

As a family owned company, the closure of Bryant Unlimited at some point due to retirement was expected. Simon and Chris knew that they would continue the eyePower brand. While eyePower manufacture was busy during the events of 2020, the pandemic brought forward the closure of Bryant Unlimited after 35 years’ trading.

eyePower Limited are proud to continue with products that have been selected for the most prestigious projects. The operations such as PCB surface mount and painting continue with the same subcontractors. Every eyePower unit has been final tested by Simon or Chris and will be in the future.

Simon Quill, Managing Director

In his youth, Simon was an accomplished musician and principal percussionist with the Brighton Youth Orchestra. Part way through his college electronics course, he was recruited to be an engineer in a music studio. After working his way up to technical manager of Angel Recording Studios and then Ewart Television, Simon moved on to support of synchronisers for Audio Kinetics, then co-founded an installation company.

Projects worldwide included The Hit Factory in New York, Sony Studios in Frankfurt , BBC Maida Vale and work for many artists such as Kate Bush. With a young family at home, in 1994 Simon accepted a more routine job as Technical Manager with Bryant Unlimited in Croydon – where he remained until the company closed in 2021. Simon was the main point of contact for any technical query from cable to connectors, power distribution to fibre optics.

With such a varied, professional background and having supported customers for 25 years, Simon enjoys supporting eyePower customers and providing the very best of service.

Chris Sims BEng(Hons) MEng CEng MIET

Chris was sponsored by Thorn EMI to study electronics at university, where he achieved first class and masters degrees with work on digital video compression. By the time he graduated, UK consumer electronics manufacturing was in decline so he spent a year working for Thomson R&D in the Black Forest. Chris was then offered roles in Kyoto, again in consumer electronics, and in London with BBC TV Projects. A difficult choice, he opted for BBC projects where chance found him at the forefront of nascent digital audio installations.

The BBC reduced its capital budgets for a time and Pinewood Studios, amongst others, invited Chris to leave the BBC and freelance design the first digital systems in the film industry. Film industry digitised, Chris digitised Lines/MCR of ITV television on the South Bank, becoming the first customer for BNCS control outside the BBC.

Chris knew Bryant Unlimited as a supplier of cable, connectors and jackfields from his time at the BBC. He relied on them for installations in the film and television industry. When Bryant Unlimited wanted a basic, sequencing power distribution unit in the late 1990s, Chris agreed to design it. Many thousands of those original SMU units were sold.

Many of the concepts of eyePower were researched ten years before the product came to market, but the devices such as energy monitoring A/D converters were not available until later. Even with modern technology, eyePower required a great deal of development.