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RPI 214PE changeover PDU
RPI 214PE changeover PDU

eyePower Limited’s intelligent power distribution units are the PDU of choice for many broadcast companies, satellite uplinks, AV installers and more.

Web Browser Interface

Offering unparalleled control of outlets using an inbuilt macro programming language or direct control from a web browser interface. Integration with management systems such as BNCS and Dataminer can be facilitated using an extensive API.

eyePower’s comprehensive monitoring of unit status and multiple electrical measurements offers customers an unrivalled insight into aspects of their electrical installation in a way not previously available.

All units offer
  • 16A powerCON inlet and 20A distribution
  • 14 x IEC outlets fused at 3.15A, 10A capable
  • Reliable components including linear PSU
  • Low energy consumption 5.5W
  • (7.5W max changeover)
  • Main supply measurements
    • live/neutral 2500Vpk
    • neutral/earth 2500Vpk
    • imbalance 1mA – 5Arms
    • frequency 45Hz – 65Hz
  • Supply current 3mA – 70Apk
  • Supply DC offset ±5V
  • Power measurements (real and apparent)
  • Outlet fuse status detect
  • Monitoring of internal temperature and PSU ageing
  • Front panel full colour OLED
  • Front panel user programmable switch
  • Comprehensive macro language for sequence programming
  • Outlet relays with status detect
  • RS422/485 with four GPIOs
  • 1-Wire™ interface for environment sensors temperature, humidity, smoke
  • 100Mbit/s Ethernet with PoE backup to monitor during mains supply failure
  • Dual inlets with Changeover on loss of active supply, measurements as main, monitored backfeed protection
  • Outlet current measurement 3mA – 70Apk
  • Basic resolution of 1mA, 0.1V, 0.1W or 1W load dependant, 0.01Hz
  • Voltage and current accuracy 1% for sinewave, power 2% PF>0.8
  • Accuracy percentage +3 least significant digits voltage/current, +10 LSD power
  • Imbalance (earth leakage) common mode rejection 99.5%

eyePower PDU Brochure

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